Say goodbye to keys

Pioneering the revolution of the common key.

With Summus technology, you can incorporate all your metal keys into your mobile phone.

In the next 5 years, the use of mobile phones to open locks will rapidly grow and one name will soon become synonymous with its delivery...


Replace your home key with your mobile phone.

Summus has invented LockDock, a module which will integrate into existing electronic locks and allow complete control using a smartphone.

Below is a general flowchart of the technology process. The KeyHive app sends a command to the Summus servers. When the user is verified, a signal is sent to LockDock which consequently unlocks the door it is connected to. The access is logged and the lock owner is notified.

Aa an example, when implemented in all the rooms of a hotel, hotel guests can then check in online and automatically receive their door keys on their mobile, no waiting at reception, no plastic keys and immediate entry to their room. But of course there are many possibilities.

Coming soon for bikes, garages and sheds...


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